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Vision, Mission, Values & Commitments


Agro Egypt’s Sustainability Vision for 2025
Today, global businesses are no longer expected to only be profitable and must exhibit their positive influence on the environment, human health and on the communities in which they operate. The COVID-19 crisis has only strengthened the expectation for greater corporate responsibility.
​​​​​​​ Make Agroegypt globally respected name in fertilizer businesses with a deep commitment to nation building.
Agroegypt therefore recently created its sustainability vision for 2025. The vision is comprised of ambitious goals, aimed to impact major challenges facing society and the global environment.


To leverage Agro Egypt’s global assets, knowledge, and capabilities to develop innovative solutions that address the essential, evolving needs of society.
Focus on customer delight.
Seek technology and trade leadership.
Build sound corporate image.
Enhance work, culture, and environment.
Better and effective communication.
Sustained sales and profitability.

Our Culture and Values

Agro Egypt has adopted a business strategy focused on a culture of leadership.
Agro Egypt’s seven leading cultural values are:
a) Achieving top tier safety performance and environmental responsibility, through constant improvement and advanced management practices.
b) Establishing the company as an employer of choice, attracting, and maintaining the most talented personnel in all our regions of operations.
c) Leveraging technologies and our comprehensive industrial know-how to meet both existing and future needs of our customers.
d) Adopting best practices and advanced management.
e) Courage: we shall embrace new ideas and businesses.
f) Trust: we shall believe in our employees.
g) We shall be known for our scale of ambition, speed of execution and quality of operation.


we shall stand by our promises and adhere to high standard of business