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Our Vision for innovation

Innovation is the prime focus of attention and one of the main axes of Agro Egypt International Company, so we could keep abreast of modern technological developments in a competitive market, through our key thrusts of extending researches on modern agricultural techniques, using our capabilities and expertise team, Which are constantly upgraded to provide bundled of agricultural, services alongside social and economic services. As the global markets is full of challenges, and life demands progress – through Excellence and deliver beyond expectations, we are re-inventing, and give feedback to make Continuous Improvement a natural way of working and for more sustainable living, Agro Egypt providing a family of products. We are one of the world’s largest fertilizer companies. Provide farmers, growers, and manufacturers with a wide range of high-performance plant nutrition solutions, (NPK), specialty fertilizers, and tailor-made compound fertilizers.

Our Latest News

Stepping up our crop nutrition product supply on the domestic market, Africa and Asia.
With the signing of new agreements, we are significantly increasing supply of our fertilizer products to customers and farmers in Africa and Asia.


A low carbon footprint

able to supply even more of the world’s farmers

Approved for use

Measuring Agro Egypt’s contribution to sustainable agriculture

Prolonged supply

efficient and cost-effective prolonged supply of key plant nutrients from fertilizers

Our Products

We collaborate, support, and help each other to develop for the best of Agro Egypt, We build on diversity for better results as “One Company”

Suspension fertilizer

Compound fertilizer

Special fertilizer

Fun Facts

We have a great funfact to achieve your goal.

To enable agricultural workers at home and abroad to obtain a set of “pay attention to safety”, “reduce costs”, “improve quality” and “enhance competitiveness” Agricultural Science and Technology

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Agro Egypt’s
Sustainability Vision for 2025
Today, global businesses are no longer expected to only be profitable and must exhibit their positive influence on the environment, human health and on the communities in which they operate. The COVID-19 crisis has only strengthened the expectation for greater corporate responsibility.
Agro Egypt’s Mission
To leverage Agro Egypt’s global assets, knowledge, and capabilities to develop innovative solutions
that address the essential, evolving needs of society.
Focus on customer delight.
Seek technology and trade leadership
Build sound corporate image.
Agro Egypt has adopted
a business strategy focused on
a culture of leadership.
a) Achieving top tier safety performance and environmental responsibility, through constant
improvement and advanced management practices.
b) Establishing the company as an employer of choice, attracting, and maintaining the most
talented personnel in all our regions of operations.
We shall stand by our promises
and adhere to high standard
of business.

Agro Egypt Gives you more than fertilizers

We have a wide range of quality products designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of crops and pastures. This provides the additional support our soils and plants need to maintain their health and fertility.
Our products are acquired through a unique and fully automatic production process.