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Company Overview

Agro Egypt International Fertilizer Co., (short for agroegypt) is a listed company in Egypt. Agroegypt-int was founded in 2008, has over 15 years experience in manufacturing water soluble fertilizer, We are one of the major NPK suppliers to mid-east and Africa.
By providing unique products and through our partners, that helping growers in middle east and Africa. we have obtained iso 9001 certificate. Now, facing global customers, we take OEM ODM orders. It does not matter if you are an agricultural dealer, a farm or even a factory, as long as you have a need for fertilizer, feel free to contact us.
Agroegypt-int co, (AEIC) business portfolio reflects its vision and diverse interests to address new challenges and opportunities.
As a quality conscious company, Agroegypt continued to strengthen its position and is today regarded in mid-east and Afric, as a trusted business partner serving the agriculter development.
It is committed to making sound investment in developing and implementing agriculutre projects with state-of-the-art technology and global standards.

Top R&D team

We have an experienced R&D team that can design and make formulas based on soil condition, climate, crop to fulfill your need. At the same time, we keep working with world-class experts to innovate product formulas, dosage forms, production technology and production process.

Comprehensive production equipment

We can make various dosage forms available. We can produce a powder with various colors and smells, wide types of fertilizers with various specifications, high-granulation tech-based micro granular fertilizer, clear liquid fertilizer, suspension fertilizer, coated fertilizer, etc.

Best quality

We control the product quality strictly. Incoming inspection for every batch of raw material, production is strictly controlled according to a global standard, remains samples for every shipped batch to form a complete traceability system., we do a comprehensive analysis of nutrients and harmful elements to ensure product stability. and we have developed precise fertilization technical guidance and formulations according to crop so as to maximize fertilization effect.

Based in Egypt

With the support of the strong industrial chain, we are only several kilometres away from suppliers for any raw materials we need, so we can get them at a fairly low price.

Factory equipment, warehouses, and production lines

  • production lines for NPK powder water-soluble fertilizers.
    • a. The annual output is (xxxxxxx) mt;
  • production lines for Secondary elements granular fertilizers.
  • The factories in Sadat City remain a key part of strengthen and diversify Agroegypt's production capacity .

Convenient communication online, timely reply

  • Agroegypt has a professional official website ( to show fertilizer products, you can contact us conveniently.
  • Agroegypt cooperates with multiple E-commerce platforms.
  • You can also contact us through SNS (Social Networking Services), both Facebook and LinkedIn are available.
  • Agroegypt has a professional sales team with passion and patience, to reply to inquiries and messages.

Goods supplied in time

  • Agroregypt one of the first company to register and produce water-soluble fertilizer in Egypt, with professional factories and comprehensive production equipment.
  • The strong production capacity of Agroegypt Factory guarantees the timeliness of delivery, not affected by the coronavirus crisis. We have several production lines for different kinds of fertilizers.
  • In the coronavirus crisis time, we spray disinfectant in office, workshop, warehouse, and all other places in the factory. Temperature measurement is also checked and noted every day.

Transportation is safe and in time

  • located in Egypt with a convenient transportation network. Agroegypt has an excellent logistics delivery service. By road, sea, railway, or combination solutions are all available.
  • We take package disinfection seriously, our fertilizer products are all processed. Before packing, we also disinfect the container to ensure safety.